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New translation: nl: inzet -> fr: ardeur, enthousiasme  collegamento
p...e@hotmail.comMon May 25 16:20:25 CEST 2015
New translation: fr: le rateau à feuilles -> nl: de bladhark  collegamento
p...e@hotmail.comSat Nov 15 23:22:33 CET 2014
New translation: nl: mesthaak -> fr: fourche à fumier  collegamento
p...e@hotmail.comSat Nov 15 23:13:11 CET 2014
New translation: nl: op pad gaan -> fr: partir  collegamento
p...e@hotmail.comThu Mar 13 22:01:11 CET 2014
New translation: nl: bedenking -> fr: objection  collegamento
p...e@hotmail.comThu Mar 13 21:54:12 CET 2014
New translation: fr: entrer en gare -> nl: het station binnenrijden  collegamento
p...e@hotmail.comMon Oct 14 22:03:05 CEST 2013
New translation: nl: vacature -> fr: poste  collegamento
p...e@hotmail.comMon Sep 16 10:47:05 CEST 2013
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